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On beauty and chameleons

My inspiration comes from unexpected beauty—Places, forms, items, colors, and textures that are overlooked, but if you stop and observe, you will indeed find they have their own aesthetic, free of rules and boundaries. To me, those are treasures I have put in a collection you can see here.

So don't expect my work to follow a common thread. It will not. My style will evolve, it will mingle, and it will cross-contaminate, it will go any direction I want it to go. As an art student, I was forced to believe the dogma true artists only produce consistent work. I rebelled against that idea. I only see stagnant water when I think of that.

Sometimes I am a painter. Sometimes I am a designer. Sometimes I am tamed. Sometimes I am out of control. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am melancholic. The beauty of art is that it is constantly moving and evolving—for me, this evolution is non-linear; it is a multifaceted polyhedron, a chameleon.

Warmly and with gratitude,


Shadow in C minor

Collection: Shadowland

Inspiration: my beloved Pilobolus. If I'll ever run away I will join you.

Beautiful mural in the city of Gent. Author unknown.

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